Lufia II (US)
ROM Patcher

like all other hacks, ROMs created by this tool are not allowed to be used for leaderboard submissions

ROM File

you have to supply a ROM yourself - this utility does not provide ROMs, it only modifies files you upload

Major Patches

previously known as "Unchained"; allows item types that can normally only be found until floor 9 to be found on all floors, which also makes items appear that can't be found normally, or otherwise only obtained from enemy drops

patch created by rainponcho

this will incorporate any non-boss enemy from the game into the Ancient Cave, adjusted for difficulty, by either introducing completely new encounter groups, or adding those enemies to existing ones

derandomizes floor layouts, chest contents, as well as encounter sprites and amount of enemies.

everything beyond floor generation, such as enemy movement, surprise attacks, or enemy actions and drops in battle, will remain random.

shuffling will redistribute the default encounters, while randomizing them will assign a random encounter for each target.

shuffling will redistribute the default patterns, while randomizing them will assign a random pattern for each target.

replacing by pattern means that enemies that normally share a pattern will share it after the randomization, while replacing by sprite means that each visually different sprite will have its own pattern.

this is the patch for the romhack as seen on StruggleThon 2023, as well as for May 2023's Arena challenge.

by RealCritical, eve___

list of changes

This is the romhack for September 2023's Arena challenge.

Minor Patches

this will remove the unnecessary text from the floor banner, making it much easier to see things behind it

rename Deadly Sword/Armor (both enemies and items) to Killer Sword/Armor, to differentiate them from the instant-killing Deadly Sword

this will change the starting floor to 99, and the jelly floor to 1

this will set the floor at which instead of a new floor, the jelly will appear

sets the percentage chance of Destroy/Perish (Perish will be half of Destroy's chance), and the cursed Deadly Sword, Deadly Rod, and Fatal Pick

more info

makes the jelly deal damage to itself equal to its remaining hit points on the final turn

Visual Patches

sprites by eve___, integration by dank_meats


sprites by eve___, integration by dank_meats